Monday 25 June 2018

The Wedding Diaries #2 The Bridesmaids

I feel like your bridesmaids are a really important part of your wedding day. For me, they are the people I will rely on to help choose my dress, help me in to my dress, and of course help me to pee in my dress ha! 

The girls I’ve chosen to be bridesmaids have been close friends of mine for years, some eleven years, some just three. I think it’s true what they say that as you get older, your circle gets smaller and you can be closer to someone you’ve only met in the last few years than someone you thought you were close to a few years ago. I’m lucky to have lots of gorgeous girls I class as friends, but these girls have all been there for me in some way, shape or form over the past few years. 

I chose my sister Heather to be my Maid of Honour,  for obvious reasons but also because as we’ve gotten older, we’ve become closer than we have ever been and I couldn’t imagine asking anyone else. She is my soul mate (sorry Connor) and my best friend. 

My Chief Bridesmaid is Jade, my best friend for over eleven years and my most honest and logical friend. She tells me when I’m exaggerating or being a bit dramatic, which I think is definitely something I need at times. She tells me we need to meet 15 minutes earlier than we actually do because she knows I'm usually running late ha. Two years ago we took different directions in life, she went to travel the world, and I got engaged and had a baby. When I saw her for the first time after 18 months it was like she’d never been away (apart from the huge amount of gossip we had to catch up on). 

I have different reasons for asking each one of my bridesmaids, and I thought I’d quickly summarise a few of them here. 

Francesca and I have clicked ever since I first met Connor. I think it’s always scary when your boyfriend has a sister in case you don’t get on but luckily we are similar in a lot of ways and can happily talk and laugh for hours. I can’t wait to call her my Sister-in-Law ahh!

I couldn’t imagine not having Katie as my bridesmaid because not only is she gorgeous but she has one of the best personalities and is such a good friend. Probably my most career focused friend, but always makes time to see us. I think it’s easy when you have a baby for your friends who don’t have babies to kind of drift away, so I feel lucky to have someone like Katie who will double text me when I’ve forgot to text back to make sure we meet up. 

I’ve known Emma and Penny for about 9 years now and we always laugh when we’re together. They both helped to guide me through my pregnancy and they are the first people I turn to for advice with Rosie. They make me feel better about any Mum Guilt I have, and reassure me that I'm not when I feel like a bad Mum. I’ll always be forever grateful for the support I get from them whether it's through break ups, planning my baby shower, and telling me I look gorge just after giving birth (I definitely didn’t look gorge!). 

Laura is the bridesmaid I’ve known for the least amount of time, around 3 years. Its strange how you can feel like you can click with someone immediately and be friends forever yet you can know someone years and then drift apart. We’ve helped each other through some of the most stressful parts of our adult life in the short time we’ve known each other and still managed to laugh along the way. I think being a Mum you come to realise who has time for you and I’m grateful to my busy friends with no babies because they still go out of their way to see us. 

I know I have a lot of bridesmaids but I honestly couldn’t have imagined my wedding day without all of these girls there with me to keep me calm (and my drink topped up). I also have four younger bridesmaids from the family, I just love the idea of a hectic morning on the day (I'm sure I'll regret this ha!) but I also don't like being centre of attention so I'm hoping they will all take some of the pressure off of me. 

I always say I’m lucky to have such low maintenance friends who don’t need to speak everyday to know that we are there for each other. I wanted to ask them in a special way but also a way that reflects our friendship, so I invited them round for a takeaway and drinks and set the table up to surprise them. It was a lovely chilled evening and I’m so happy they all said yes!

Thanks for reading x


  1. This was such a lovely post to read!! Sounds like you have some amazing ladies around you! This table set is so cute too!!!xx

    Lucy |

  2. Gorgeous post! It's so nice you are surrounded by lovely friends - so glad you had a great time.
    Sarah X

  3. Oh this is so lovely! I totally agree that as you grow older your friendship circle gets smaller! How exciting for you x

  4. Beautiful table set up!! I love the photography in this post! Sounds like you have some wonderful bridesmaids! xx

    Lauren |

  5. Sounds like you have some fantastic friends - the table also looks super cute!!
    Emma |

  6. That is all so lovely! It's definitely true that the amount of time you've been friends with someone doesn't say anything about how good of friends you are!


  7. What a lovely post. They all sound like great people to have around on such an important day.

  8. Firstly it sounds like you have an amazing group of girls around you! Secondly, how absolutely gorgeous is that little set up! I love those pretty little cakes! x

  9. I've only been to one wedding (that I can fully remember!), and you're making me so wedding broody (is that a thing?!). Here's hoping that one of my friends get married soon! xx

    Brooke |

  10. It's so lovely that you chose your sister as your maid of honour, me and my sister are super close too and will be doing the same when we get married! xx

    Gemma Louise

  11. Such a wonderful idea babe, so beautiful 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  12. Oh this is so exciting!! And those tables look absolutely beautiful, they're laid out so so well!
    Shauna |

  13. 100% agree with you about your circle of friends getting smaller as you grow - but I'm always for having less people but them being super close than having loads and not really having a close friend. This photography and set up is also so so beautiful! So exciting! x

    Em //

  14. I love the way you asked the girls to be your bridesmaids, the cakes look adorable!
    It's so nice that you've got a close circle x

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  16. This is such a lovely post! I'm sure they'd all love to read this. How cute are those Pandora bags and OMG the cupcakes!!! xx

  17. Oh my! This is mind blowing. These bags are too cute. I am so happy to find it finally. My friends have done a lot for me. They even helped in picking up one of the nicest wedding venues Los Angeles for my wedding. It is my duty to make them happy as well and these cute ideas are going to be perfect for that.


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