Monday, 16 July 2018

An impulse getaway to CBeebies Land..

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a funfilled 24 hours recently where we took a trip to CBeebies Land. We only booked it two days before out of complete impulse as Rosie was watching CBeebies one morning but we had the best time.

 Smelling flowers in Mr Tumble's sensory garden (I love this picture)

We stayed in the CBeebies Land Hotel, which (I think) is fairly new, and is completely tailored to babies, toddlers and young children. We were greeted by very friendly staff in the most bright and child friendly hotel reception I’ve ever seen. There are activity walls, steps for them to climb so they can see over the counter at the reception desk, and a big collection of balloons for each child to take as they check in. 

The bedroom continued the CBeebies theme of primary colours and ‘bugs’ all over the walls (not actual bugs, the CBeebies yellow bugs). It had a separate sleeping area for Rosie, which had wall activities and it’s own television. I thought it was a nice touch that both televisions automatically jumped back to CBeebies when turned off so that it was always on first when you put it on again. 

The children’s facilities were amazing, with Tommee Tippee nappy bins in the bathroom and rubber binding door safety strips so it was near impossible to trap any fingers. 

As a child I could only have dreamt of going somewhere this magical, so to be able to take Rosie and see her face constantly light up with excitement was something I’ll never forget. 

It was an adventure that opened our eyes to so many different things. I think a big thing we realised on this little getaway was that chances are, Rosie isn’t going to remember the trip. She’ll see photos and videos but she won’t actually remember it when she’s five or six. What I realised was that the whole trip was planned for Rosie, but the memories were for us. We will never forget the way she toddled off onto the dance floor by herself and started dancing with the other children. We’ll never forget how proud and shocked we were when she started doing some of the actions to heads, shoulders, knees and toes, and got a sticker for being such a good dancer. We’ll never forget her face every time she heard the Justin’s House theme song in reception and suddenly stopped to dance. 

These are the things that make my heart feel so full and special memories I will keep with me forever. I’m well aware that a lot of the trips and days out that we do with Rosie now aren’t going to be remembered by her, but I also think life is too short to wait until she can remember them. So I suppose booking a little adventure to CBeebies Land wasn’t just for Rosie, it was for our memories and our joy in seeing her there that we booked it too. 

I think I’m becoming obsessed with finding fun things to do with Rosie, whether that be to stimulate her, educate her or just things that prompt her to dance and sing. I never realised when I was pregnant just how content I would feel seeing Rosie excited and happy, whether that be on an impulse night away or just on the swings at the park. 

I try to take as many videos and photos of her as I can so that I can show her all the fun we’ve had when she’s older. It’s also lovely for when connor goes back to work because I send him all the videos of things we’ve done as a family so he can watch them when he’s missing home. 

If anyone knows of any fun places/ideas to do with a toddler please let me know as I’m constantly looking for new things to do with her. 

Thanks for reading x

Monday, 25 June 2018

The Wedding Diaries #2 The Bridesmaids

I feel like your bridesmaids are a really important part of your wedding day. For me, they are the people I will rely on to help choose my dress, help me in to my dress, and of course help me to pee in my dress ha! 

The girls I’ve chosen to be bridesmaids have been close friends of mine for years, some eleven years, some just three. I think it’s true what they say that as you get older, your circle gets smaller and you can be closer to someone you’ve only met in the last few years than someone you thought you were close to a few years ago. I’m lucky to have lots of gorgeous girls I class as friends, but these girls have all been there for me in some way, shape or form over the past few years. 

I chose my sister Heather to be my Maid of Honour,  for obvious reasons but also because as we’ve gotten older, we’ve become closer than we have ever been and I couldn’t imagine asking anyone else. She is my soul mate (sorry Connor) and my best friend. 

My Chief Bridesmaid is Jade, my best friend for over eleven years and my most honest and logical friend. She tells me when I’m exaggerating or being a bit dramatic, which I think is definitely something I need at times. She tells me we need to meet 15 minutes earlier than we actually do because she knows I'm usually running late ha. Two years ago we took different directions in life, she went to travel the world, and I got engaged and had a baby. When I saw her for the first time after 18 months it was like she’d never been away (apart from the huge amount of gossip we had to catch up on). 

I have different reasons for asking each one of my bridesmaids, and I thought I’d quickly summarise a few of them here. 

Francesca and I have clicked ever since I first met Connor. I think it’s always scary when your boyfriend has a sister in case you don’t get on but luckily we are similar in a lot of ways and can happily talk and laugh for hours. I can’t wait to call her my Sister-in-Law ahh!

I couldn’t imagine not having Katie as my bridesmaid because not only is she gorgeous but she has one of the best personalities and is such a good friend. Probably my most career focused friend, but always makes time to see us. I think it’s easy when you have a baby for your friends who don’t have babies to kind of drift away, so I feel lucky to have someone like Katie who will double text me when I’ve forgot to text back to make sure we meet up. 

I’ve known Emma and Penny for about 9 years now and we always laugh when we’re together. They both helped to guide me through my pregnancy and they are the first people I turn to for advice with Rosie. They make me feel better about any Mum Guilt I have, and reassure me that I'm not when I feel like a bad Mum. I’ll always be forever grateful for the support I get from them whether it's through break ups, planning my baby shower, and telling me I look gorge just after giving birth (I definitely didn’t look gorge!). 

Laura is the bridesmaid I’ve known for the least amount of time, around 3 years. Its strange how you can feel like you can click with someone immediately and be friends forever yet you can know someone years and then drift apart. We’ve helped each other through some of the most stressful parts of our adult life in the short time we’ve known each other and still managed to laugh along the way. I think being a Mum you come to realise who has time for you and I’m grateful to my busy friends with no babies because they still go out of their way to see us. 

I know I have a lot of bridesmaids but I honestly couldn’t have imagined my wedding day without all of these girls there with me to keep me calm (and my drink topped up). I also have four younger bridesmaids from the family, I just love the idea of a hectic morning on the day (I'm sure I'll regret this ha!) but I also don't like being centre of attention so I'm hoping they will all take some of the pressure off of me. 

I always say I’m lucky to have such low maintenance friends who don’t need to speak everyday to know that we are there for each other. I wanted to ask them in a special way but also a way that reflects our friendship, so I invited them round for a takeaway and drinks and set the table up to surprise them. It was a lovely chilled evening and I’m so happy they all said yes!

Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Happy Father's Day..

Father's day has always been a strange one for me. Growing up not seeing my Dad meant I always felt weird on this day. I used to feel awkward if my Mum didn't offer to buy a card for me to send, thinking that he would be sat wondering why I hadn't. As I got older I realised that chances are this was unlikely. I learnt to appreciate the amount my Mum did for me, and the strange feelings on this day gradually faded away. I remember making my Mum a Father's Day card one year because the reality was that for a long time she was playing both roles in my life. 

Now that I have my own family, it has opened my eyes to what a Dad actually is. As strange as it sounds, I used to just assume that your Mum loved you more than your Dad and that was just how it was. I thought every family was the same whether people lived with their Dad's or not. Only now when I see the love that Connor has for Rosie have I realised that the unconditional love he has for her is exactly what I have.

I understand what a Dad is now. A Dad is someone that annoys his daughter by constantly kissing her cheeks. Saying 'Good morning my Princess' to her every morning. Working hard so that she wants for nothing. Taking her in the pool on holiday at 7pm when it's freezing because she loves it. Being fiercely protective of her. Encouraging her to eat all kinds of foods, some that even I haven't tried. Letting her soak you by splashing when she's in the bath. Breaking out into 'Wheels on the bus' in a restaurant because she gets the sudden urge to sing and dance and wants you to join in with her. 

Since having Rosie, Connor has opened my eyes to what a Father really should be, and has already exceeded any negative expectations I previously had. 

Happy Father's Day to Rosie's Daddy and all the other amazing Dad's out there, and to all the Mum's doing it by themselves. 

Thanks for reading x

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Picking your summer scents..

When the weather starts to get warmer, I always tend to change my perfumes up to something fresher. Does anyone else do this? The fragrances I wear in winter are a little stronger and more musky, but in the spring summer months I enjoy more fresh, floral scents day to day.

There are so many new summer perfumes to choose from these days, I'm always so tempted to purchase a new one even though I end up going back to old favourites. I'm not great at describing scents, I think training your nose to decipher the intricacies of a fragrance is a skill I'm yet to learn but I do try! I've shared some of my favourites below and *attempted* to explain why I like them!

A firm favourite of mine is the Carolina Herrera L'eau, but I found out last week on holiday this has been discontinued and I'm so sad! I think I would have had this as my wedding day perfume so I'll have to have a good think about this now.


I'm a big fan of Vera Wang fragrances, a personal favourite being Love Struck. Aside from the cute bottle that displays so well on my dressing room shelves, it has sparkling floral notes and a really muted mandarin that comes through when it has been on the skin for a while.

I also love the Charlotte Tilbury 'Scent of a Dream' perfume. This is much stronger than the other two and lasts all day when I wear it. It has quite a woody smell (Is this a thing?) as well as giving off hints of pepper and lemon. Obviously you would have to smell it first hand to understand what I mean but compared to my other lighter, floral scents this is quite a mature scent when I wear it. I like saving this one for rare evenings out and date nights.

These are my favourite summer fragrances, what are yours?

Thanks for reading x

This post contains sponsored content.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Wedding Diaries #1

So I thought I’d start a little series on my blog to do with wedding planning, partly to keep anyone who’s interested up to date (lol hi Mum) and partly because I thought it could be nice to look back on in the future. I won’t be giving out too many personal details about my wedding, but I’ll be reviewing some bridal shops, sharing some inspo and I suppose using this as a way to keep myself organised as I’ll be sharing in each update what I can tick off and what’s next on our agenda. 

Wedding planner is Kate Spade

I was never a girl who imagined what dress I would wear as a child, I never imagined my wedding or got excited about the thought of being married. Even when we got engaged, I wasn’t in any rush. Now that the time is here I really want to enjoy the planning process and embrace the excuse to try on pretty dresses! Connor and I always said we would have a baby before we got married, and Rosie will be two when we do. I might do a seperate post on our engagement even though it was a while ago because it was kind of overlooked when we got home because we found out I was pregnant!

So as its very early days, up to now we have set the date, and booked our venue. Next on our list is a photographer and save the date cards, I feel like it’s so hard to choose things when there are so many options available and I’m so indecisive but we'll get there. I'm also going to ask my bridesmaids soon which I can't wait for.

I think I’m going to start dress shopping soon, if I’m honest I think I’ll probably go to a few different shops because I have no idea what style I like or what will suit me. I’m hoping to lose weight by my actual wedding day so I may go shopping for ideas but leave it until later in the year before I ‘say yes to the dress’ ha! 

If anybody has any pages/ businesses they recommend following for inspo I’d love to know! 

Let me know if you’re looking forward to something a bit different on my blog or if you prefer the beauty/ Rosie posts, I love to hear any feedback. I'm actually really excited to put some wedding content on here so I hope you enjoy it! All of my wedding posts will be under the lifestyle tab if you miss one or you can just search wedding in the search bar.

Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Glowy Holiday Makeup..

Does anyone else ever struggle to narrow down what makeup they take away with them on holiday? Before I had Rosie, I’d take it all with me, several palettes, lipsticks etc. These days, when I have a baby to pack for as well, I have no choice but to streamline my makeup bag and only pack the things I know I’ll use. 

We recently went away to Mallorca for two weeks, and I wanted my makeup to be glowy and fresh, but have the option to mattify my oily sections should I get too hot. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream - I’ve spoke about this so many times so I won’t say much except it’s my absolute favourite as a base for my makeup. 

Becca Backlight Priming Filter - This is my favourite primer at the moment for creating a glowy base underneath my foundation. It has reflecting particles that help you to glow whenever your skin catches the light. 

L’Oréal True Match Foundation - I usually love this foundation but for some reason whilst we were away my eyes kept watering whenever I wore it and I have no idea why. It’s great for a full coverage base but I think I’ll have to have a look for a new everyday high street foundation because I think there’s something in this that doesn’t agree with my skin. 

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess - I love this matte bronzer because of its warm tones and it looks fab with a tan. It also has a really big mirror in the pan which I love having with me when I’m away. 

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette - For obvious reasons! This is the perfect summer palette if you want glowy, sultry eyes. I used it every night and mixed up the order of applying the shades to create different looks. 

Mac Prep n Prime Highlight in Light Boost - I use this over my foundation under my eyes to lighten them in an attempt to fake an eight hour sleep (the teething struggle is real). I’ve used this for years and always go back to it. 

Bag is from Zara last year

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Vol. 2 - My new favourite mascara! As you may know I was lucky enough to be gifted this mascara and I’m so thankful because it has fast become my most used. The volume and length it gives me with just one application is insane and I had to take it away with me. 

Illamasqua Clear Brow Gel - I don’t really wear makeup in the day on holiday because I like to use it as an excuse to let my skin breathe as much as possible. I do however like to quickly comb this through my brows just to neaten them up. It was way too hot for my ABH Dip Brow Pomade so this was perfect as a quick alternative. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Light Wand Highlighter - I couldn’t not take this away with me! This is another product I’ve spoken about lots in another post but it basically gives the perfect sun kissed almost wet look highlight on your cheekbones without being too much. Love love love. 

NYX Lip Liner in Nude Pink - I don’t think you can go wrong with a nude pink liner on holiday! Whether it’s to add a little something to your lips in the day or with a lipstick over the top in the evening, this was the perfect shade to take away with me. 

Pixi Beauty Eye Brightener - my favourite lash line eye liner and one I used every time I wanted my eyes to look bigger and more awake. 

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Glosses - I took two of these away with me because I couldn’t decide. I took the coral one and the nude. I don’t really wear gloss that often at home because a slight gust of wind and your hair is suddenly stuck to your face so I made the most of wearing them on holiday. 

This post seems really long now but I think that’s everything I took away with me (besides my usual Mac Studio Fix Powder and CT Penelope Pink lipstick!). 

Thanks for reading x

Friday, 25 May 2018

A Few Handy Holiday Picks..

I couldn’t do one post full of every single essential needed when travelling with a baby because let’s be real she took up 20kg of our 40kg luggage allowance. I wanted to do a quick post on a few things that I’ve brought away with me that I know I’ll use most days, and as obvious as some may seem, when you’re not just packing for yourself, it’s easy to forget some little things for yourself. 

Green People Sun Care

I was very kindly sent this sun protection from Green People, one for myself and one for Rosie. On hotter days I’ve used a factor 50 on us both, but the 30 has worked a treat for me on the few days that we’ve had a slight overcast. They are organic and scent free which is fab if you don’t like that strong smell that some sun creams have. 
As you may know already I’m very careful when it comes to my skin and I wear a very high factor for my whole holiday because I never really tan anyway. I hate the thought of damaging my own or Rosie’s skin with the sun so I’m always extra cautious. 

Umberto Giannini - Catch a Wave Coconut Oil Texture Spray

Ahh I love this so much! It’s perfect for when you have to go straight out after a day in the sun because it helps to nourish my hair, but also if you spray it on freshly washed hair, it helps to give it more texture for a loose beach curl. It makes doing my hair really quick which is much needed when you have a toddler trying to steal your brush ha!

ByEloise | London - Bangle Bands

The lovely Push PR team sent over this beautiful set of Bangle Bands; they are made by a brand called ByEloise | London, and the idea behind them is that they look more like a bracelet rather than a boring black bobble. I always seem to have a bobble on my wrist wherever I go, so this idea is revolutionary! My favourite is the grey one with the little star on, I think they’re so cute!

Carmex SPF15 Lip Balm 

Another sun care must for me is lip balm. When you burn easily like me, the sun catches everywhere that you don’t cover, so I wear this everyday to keep my lips protected and hydrated. 

I hope you like this post! It was National Sun Protection Week last week so hopefully everyone is using sun care in the warm weather. What are some of your must haves for holiday? 

Thanks for reading x

*Some of these items were sent to me for review however all opinions are my own. 

Saturday, 19 May 2018

A Pre-Holiday Pamper..

For boys, a pre holiday pamper might be a haircut, shave and a shower. For girls, it’s a completely different story, isn’t it? There’s the hair appointment, nails, lashes, skin prep etc. I’m gonna be honest, I love the excuse to have a pamper, so the couple of days before going away I love to indulge a little at home. These are a few things I’ve done to get myself feeling holiday ready. 

First up - Hair

I had my highlights and lowlights done last week, to give my blonde time to die down slightly before we go away. My hair always feels really dry from the sun when I’m away so I decided to try a few products to keep it in good condition whilst I’m there. I saw the lovely Gem Ellis use this 60 Second Smooth and the thought of a pre shampoo really intrigued me. It helps to keep hair feeling nourished, my hair felt so silky after using it! I don’t always have time for this kind of product but every now and again this will be a lovely treat for my hair. 

I also picked up this dry conditioning spray and I’m so glad I did. I use dry shampoo so much on my roots so it’s nice to have something to give the length that extra oomph. It makes my hair shiny but also gives it more texture which I’ve been loving. 

Next up - Body 

Vita Liberata Tanning Water Foam 

The main thing that sold this tan to me was that it claims to be non transferable. I have ruined countless white t-shirts and bedding with fake tan and it’s so frustrating but I just started to accept it, until now! I don’t tan on holiday, I’m the one you’ll see shade bathing with a t shirt on, so obviously I’ve got to fake it in the evenings when everyone else looks like bronze goddesses. I’m gonna give this tan a go and will report back on the transfer issue. 

Finally - Face 

Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse 

This is one for a couple of nights before we go, but I love prepping my skin ready for the sun. I love this as an every now and again face mask as a treat and it makes my skin feel so soft. It does feel a bit sticky when you apply it but the results are worth it I think. And it smells really citrus-y which I love. 

That’s everything for my pre holiday pamper! Let me know in the comments if you have any pre-holiday rituals or if you’ve tried any of these products. 

Thanks for reading x


Sunday, 6 May 2018

Brand Focus: Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Staples..

So if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I literally died and went to blogger heaven last week when I received the mother of all parcels from the one and only Queen, Charlotte Tilbury. 

Most people already know that Charlotte Tilbury is my favourite makeup brand and has been for a few years now, so for my blog to be acknowledged by her team is a huge achievement for me. I thought I’d show you properly what was inside that bag and maybe we can all just sit and chat about how much we love rose gold packaging together, ok?

First up is the infamous Bronze and Glow palette. Seeing as I smashed mine in December and then got hit by a lorry whilst on my way home from going shopping for another one, you could say the makeup gods were looking down on me ha! This palette was and will now again be such a staple in my makeup collection and last me ages (providing I don't smash it again, obviously).

Penelope Pink - Bitch Perfect - Walk of Shame

Penelope Pink is my everyday lip colour, so when I received a fresh one I was so happy! They also sent along shades Bitch Perfect, Walk of Shame and a Hall of Fame Lip Lustre which are all equally as gorgeous. Bitch Perfect actually looks really similar to Penelope Pink so I’m excited to change things up a bit. The Matte revolution Walk of Shame will come in handy when we go on holiday next week because I find they stay in place for ages. 

Every so often on Instagram stories I post my makeup of the day, and I always start with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. The pot I’ve been using was out of the Naughty and Nice advent calendar and was a miniature, so it looks tiny compared to this full size one! I don’t put makeup on without this underneath because I love creating a barrier between my skin and my makeup. I’ll probably transfer some to the smaller pot when I’m travelling anywhere. 

I haven’t used the Rock Chick palette yet but I can’t wait to because it’s so out of my comfort zone. The darker smokey shades are so gorgeous! It'll be perfect for the rare night out I get every so often.

I was also sent Eyes to Mesmerise Volume 2 which I was ecstatic with because I’ve just ran out of my Dior Show and was going to purchase something else. Since this arrived I’ve been alternating between this and the Pixi lash primer and have to say this is perfect for me. I’ll be honest, I never really enjoyed Volume 1 of this mascara, I’d always end up with lash lines all over my eye lid where it would transfer, but I’ve literally had zero problems with this one. The new formula is definitely better, which I think shows the brand are listening to their customers. 

I think that’s everything, every one of these items is a classic and a definite staple in my makeup bag. Especially the everyday nudes, summer glosses and the perfect contour palette. In the interest of transparency these items were gifted to me, I’m very grateful but will always give my 100% honest opinion whether items were gifted or bought. Thank you again to the ladies at Charlotte Tilbury for believing in me and my little blog, and thank you to everyone you likes and shares my blog posts on social media it means so much to me!

Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Pixi By Petra: The Lash & Line Collection

Whenever I think of Pixi by Petra, I automatically think of their skin care and hydrating mists because that’s what I use from them most. If I’m really honest, I’d never actually looked into their makeup line properly until recently. 

I was kindly sent the new Lash & Line collection from Pixi Beauty, which includes pen liners, pencil liners, brighteners and mascaras. They have completely focused in on eye makeup and I thought this would be a great opportunity for others to see this side of Pixi, too. 

The collection consists of nine items, a priming mascara, volume mascara, 4 pencil eye liners, 2 soft nib pen eye liners and a brightening eye liner. Phew! 

So the first thing that caught my eye in this collection was the brightening pencil. As a mother to a teething toddler, anything to fake an eight hour sleep is a winner with me. I’ve used this a couple of times now and I really like it! It’s not overpoweringly white on the lower lash line it literally does just brighten your eyes and make them seem more awake. 

I’m also now obsessed with the ‘Rose Glow’ pencil liner, it’s more of a bronze colour which I think really suits brown eyes anyway, but it’s so easy to smudge into the lash line to emphasis your mascara more. I actually swatched all four pencil liners onto my hand and ended up walking around Tesco with them on because the staying power is unreal! As soon as they’re dry they aren’t going anywhere. 

The blue and purple liners are a bit out there for me so I may give them to friends with blue/green eyes to try because I think they’d suit them more! The pigmentation in them are fab either way though. 

When I first saw the mascaras I thought it would be a two step application process where both were needed to create the finished look. I won’t lie, I used the 3 in 1 priming mascara (expected it to be white for some reason) and it was literally identical on my eyes to the Benefit Bad Gal Bang. In fact it could possibly have dried a bit quicker and I didn’t notice any transfer onto my eyelids which I do slightly with Bad Gal Bang. It’s such a good mascara! I was shocked because I was running out of my others and thought about repurchasing the Benefit one 'cos I would never usually think of Pixi for mascara. This is straight away my new fave, so much so that I haven’t tried the actual volumising mascara as of yet. 

This collection is a complete underdog in my opinion, and definitely needs more credit because the products are all amazing quality. That mascara is a real game changer! 

Thanks for reading x 

This post contains gifted products however the review is 100% my honest opinion.


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Water Babies - Is it worth the money?

Rosie has been going to Water Babies now since she was around 4 months old, and I’ve had a few different messages asking what it’s like and if it’s worth the money so I thought I’d share a bit of info in case anyone else is wondering. I can’t actually believe she’s had her 44th swimming lesson today, and she’s not even 14 months old! 

Basically, Water Babies are unique because you can start your baby with them from newborn (weight dependant I believe) if you really want to start them early. They have different chapters, and each one consists of ten, thirty minute lessons. The cost of each term is £150. 

Connor and I had said since before Rosie was born that we wanted her to be a confident swimmer, and also just to be comfortable in the water ready for when we go on holiday. When we heard of Water Babies it sounded perfect, we could get her started as soon as we were ready. 

The first few lessons are getting you and your baby comfortable in the water, singing songs, splashing and twirling in the water. It’s actually a lot of fun seeing your baby happy in the water and enjoying themselves. It can be a little daunting at first because you don’t know how they will react to the water, but with the guidance of your instructor and a lot of smiling they soon get comfortable and so do you. 

We’ve had the same instructor, Louise, from the beginning, and Rosie is now up to Chapter 4. We love Louise because as much as certain tasks seem a bit nerve wracking (last week I had to go under the water with Rosie, push off the side and then back up so that we moved around 3 metres under water together!) she’s always really calm and I think that helps to put me at ease. Having the reassurance that she would know what to do in any situation is really comforting for me because I would probably freeze if something went wrong! 

I love the teaching techniques at Water Babies, every movement or instruction we do has a name, so that we can repeat it to Rosie in hope that she will associate the words with the actions. It actually works well because she has recently learned ‘Tiger arms’ which is were she lies on her float on her belly and uses one arm to move forward whilst we sing tiger tiger. Then we move on to the other arm. It amazes me to see that this works especially at such a young age! 

The swimming aspect is of course the main reason we go to Water Babies, but I think what makes us renew each chapter is the survival skills that are taught within each lesson as well. When we signed up we never actually even considered water safety, because we thought Rosie would be too young to understand anyway. How wrong we was! I’ve lost count the amount of times over the past nine months or so that we have been shocked and impressed by how much Rosie has picked up just from the half an hour lesson each week. An example of this would be, since the beginning we’ve always been told to repeat to Rosie when she gets to the side of the pool ‘hold on, hold on’. It’s so simple yet now in the pool as soon as we are near the side she automatically goes to hold on. It seems so obvious but she has only recently turned one so to have that instilled in her straight away for me is a great achievement. 

More recently we have been doing false accidents in the pool, so Rosie sits on the side and we pull her in to make a little splash, we then take her under the water, turn her around and bring her back up and say hold on. This is to get her used to going straight for the sides of the pool if for example she was to fall in on holiday. The techniques they use have clearly been trialled and tested vigorously because Rosie’s association with certain aspects now is amazing.  

We will continue with Water Babies for as long as Rosie continues to enjoy it, and at the moment it doesn’t seem like we’ll be stopping any time soon! I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of joining.

If you have any questions on each chapter or anything else to do with Water Babies, feel free to comment or message me and hopefully I know the answer. 

Thanks for reading x 
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