Sunday, 15 April 2018

Water Babies - Is it worth the money?

Rosie has been going to Water Babies now since she was around 4 months old, and I’ve had a few different messages asking what it’s like and if it’s worth the money so I thought I’d share a bit of info in case anyone else is wondering. I can’t actually believe she’s had her 44th swimming lesson today, and she’s not even 14 months old! 

Basically, Water Babies are unique because you can start your baby with them from newborn (weight dependant I believe) if you really want to start them early. They have different chapters, and each one consists of ten, thirty minute lessons. The cost of each term is £150. 

Connor and I had said since before Rosie was born that we wanted her to be a confident swimmer, and also just to be comfortable in the water ready for when we go on holiday. When we heard of Water Babies it sounded perfect, we could get her started as soon as we were ready. 

The first few lessons are getting you and your baby comfortable in the water, singing songs, splashing and twirling in the water. It’s actually a lot of fun seeing your baby happy in the water and enjoying themselves. It can be a little daunting at first because you don’t know how they will react to the water, but with the guidance of your instructor and a lot of smiling they soon get comfortable and so do you. 

We’ve had the same instructor, Louise, from the beginning, and Rosie is now up to Chapter 4. We love Louise because as much as certain tasks seem a bit nerve wracking (last week I had to go under the water with Rosie, push off the side and then back up so that we moved around 3 metres under water together!) she’s always really calm and I think that helps to put me at ease. Having the reassurance that she would know what to do in any situation is really comforting for me because I would probably freeze if something went wrong! 

I love the teaching techniques at Water Babies, every movement or instruction we do has a name, so that we can repeat it to Rosie in hope that she will associate the words with the actions. It actually works well because she has recently learned ‘Tiger arms’ which is were she lies on her float on her belly and uses one arm to move forward whilst we sing tiger tiger. Then we move on to the other arm. It amazes me to see that this works especially at such a young age! 

The swimming aspect is of course the main reason we go to Water Babies, but I think what makes us renew each chapter is the survival skills that are taught within each lesson as well. When we signed up we never actually even considered water safety, because we thought Rosie would be too young to understand anyway. How wrong we was! I’ve lost count the amount of times over the past nine months or so that we have been shocked and impressed by how much Rosie has picked up just from the half an hour lesson each week. An example of this would be, since the beginning we’ve always been told to repeat to Rosie when she gets to the side of the pool ‘hold on, hold on’. It’s so simple yet now in the pool as soon as we are near the side she automatically goes to hold on. It seems so obvious but she has only recently turned one so to have that instilled in her straight away for me is a great achievement. 

More recently we have been doing false accidents in the pool, so Rosie sits on the side and we pull her in to make a little splash, we then take her under the water, turn her around and bring her back up and say hold on. This is to get her used to going straight for the sides of the pool if for example she was to fall in on holiday. The techniques they use have clearly been trialled and tested vigorously because Rosie’s association with certain aspects now is amazing.  

We will continue with Water Babies for as long as Rosie continues to enjoy it, and at the moment it doesn’t seem like we’ll be stopping any time soon! I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of joining.

If you have any questions on each chapter or anything else to do with Water Babies, feel free to comment or message me and hopefully I know the answer. 

Thanks for reading x 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Finding That Inner Glow - Pixi Beauty

I think most people who wear makeup these days aim to have some sort of glow, whether that be a healthy, natural highlight or a reflective silver sheen. Personally, I try to aim for a natural glow, but admittedly I do get carried away sometimes! The more glowing your skin is, the healthier and more youthful it looks. That’s the goal, right?

Anyway, I decided to look into what else I could do to get my skin glowing besides using highlight. I’m all for the ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ but I was interested to see if I could bring out the natural glow in my skin as part of my skincare routine. I picked these up from Cult Beauty and I’ve been using these for just over a week now. These are more my first thoughts rather than a full review but I’m seeing a difference already.

Glow Tonic 

I’d heard so many good things about this so I wanted to see for myself if it was worth the hype. I actually really like it! I've been using it at night time before bed and sometimes in the morning before my moisturiser and makeup. The Glycolic acid in it helps to remove dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin, in the gentlest way possible. One reason I always put off exfoliating my face is because I don't like how harsh some exfoliators can be, so this is perfect for me. 

Overnight Serum 

This is such a quick and easy step to add to your nighttime routine, even if you’re lazy with skin care like me. I’ve been using 2-3 drops of this on my cheeks and forehead before bed before my moisturiser and I feel like my skin is more hydrated and glowing when I wake up. I've been adding this in to my routine every 2 days to keep my skin feeling at it's best.

I’m looking forward to trying more products from Pixi in future because I’m in love with these now! I’m all for skincare that doesn’t take up too much time, so these are a real winner for me. 

Let me know if you’ve tried any Pixi products - I’d love to know what to try next. 

Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Why it's important to have some 'Me Time' (And why we shouldn't feel bad about it)

I think its obvious to say the older we get the more hectic our lives get, whether that's having babies or working or in some cases both. We are all trying to juggle and prioritise the most important things in our lives, whilst still making time for the secondary things, like visiting family members, doing the food shop, cleaning the house. Sometimes it seems like there isn't enough hours in the day and before we know it the day is over. 

Now that I'm a Mother, I have a lot less time for myself (miss u naps x) because I always think I could be doing something more useful whenever I go to do something for me. Which, to write down actually sounds really stupid, but it's true. I know I won't be alone in saying that, I think it just comes with being a Mum that you automatically try to keep everything else together and don't necessarily put yourself first. 

I have, however, realised that this doesn't always have to be the case, and decided I would indulge in a little pamper night while I won't be going out over the Easter Bank Holiday. A few weeks ago I picked up a few things from Cult Beauty, and the offer they had on meant they sent a huge bag of sample skin care along with my order. I love experimenting with new skin care and seeing what works for my skin so this seemed like the perfect excuse to try some new things. 

Rosie has three teeth cutting which have resulted in her having a cold all week and being up sometimes five times in the night, so it's safe to say I've been feeling (and looking) like a zombie. It's amazing what an hour to myself to have a shower and put on a face and hair mask can do for my mood and overall wellbeing. Psychologists have actually found that you take care of others better when you let yourself be selfish sometimes. I think we can all get caught up in day to day life and not take time to do something for ourselves, and then feeling guilty when we do make time. Guilt is counterproductive, which is why I'm going to have a night of self-indulgence and not feel guilty for it. 

My plan is to exfoliate and cleanse my skin, put on a facial peel and a deep conditioning hair treatment. Not what I used to do on a Bank Holiday weekend but nevertheless I cannot wait. I might even use a Lush bath bomb if Rosie goes to bed okay! Living the dream ha. I do feel though that an hour or two to yourself is a chance to reboot and clear your mind, which in turn will increase productivity for the rest of the week. 

 So if you're reading this and can't remember the last time you put on a face mask or even just took some time out to read your favourite book, I hope this inspires you to make some time for yourself. 

Side note - If you're reading this with no babies and regularly taking hour long baths and 2-3 face masks a week, please move along, keep doing you, enjoy this time and don't forget to moisturise before bed. 

Happy Easter!

Thanks for reading x

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Look in a Box - The Dolce Vita

My favourite makeup brand has to be Charlotte Tilbury. I didn't think I had a favourite until I actually looked at my collection properly and realised this is the brand I am always drawn to. I think there's something quite luxurious about Charlotte Tilbury, that being the packaging, the marketing of the brand as a whole, and of course more importantly, the quality of the products.

The latest addition to my Charlotte Tilbury collection is the Dolce Vita Look Box. I have honestly never seen a makeup gift set quite as beautiful. The idea behind it is that you get a 'look in a box' and can recreate one of Charlotte's most iconic looks from her collection using everything in this box. I have 'The Dolce Vita' but there are ten looks altogether, and each set is tailored to each particular look. 

According to Charlotte Tilbury herself, The Dolce Vita look is inspired by Italian actresses such as Penelope Cruz and Sophia Loren, with the finished look being a dark copper smokey eye to compliment darker eye colours. 

The Dolce Vita box includes the following;

The Feline Flick (Eyeliner)
The Dolce Vita Luxury Palette (Eyeshadow Quad)
Full Fat Lashes - Glossy Black (Mascara)
Cheek to Chic - Ecstacy (Blusher)
Lip Cheat - Pillow Talk (Lip liner in a nude pink shade)
Lipstick - Penelope Pink
Lip Lustre - Seduction (Lip Gloss)
Makeup bag

So basically, the only things you don't get are your base and brow products, you can use any base you like and then use this box and still achieve the Dolce Vita look. I absolutely love the eyeshadow quad because I have dark brown eyes so I always feel safe with these kind of shades. You can really build them up or tone them down too, I very often just use the earthy brown shade (Smoke) in my socket just to give my eyes an extra bit of definition without it being too glam for taking Rosie to soft play ha! I really like the Full Fat Lashes mascara, my only issue with it is that it isn't waterproof and I have other mascaras that don't smudge as easy as this so I tend to use them more. The volume you can achieve with it is amazing though. The eyeliner is actually a dream to apply even if you don't have the steadiest hand. I feel as though I've moved away from winged eyeliner at the moment but that could be due to having a one year old climbing all over me when applying so it's not always possible!

The three lip products help to create the perfect nude pink shade, and personally I think these three would be perfect for an elegant, classic bridal makeup because they aren't too heavy and just give a sumptuous shade of pink.

Blusher is kind of a danger zone to me, I never really wear it because I feel like it's so easy to just instantly mess your makeup up by applying too much. I actually met Charlotte Tilbury in person in 2015 and she told me I had a lovely complexion (no biggie) but being blonde with dark eyes she said I lacked colour in my cheeks and recommended I wear more blusher to warm my face up. I think I did it for about a week 'because Charlotte told me to' and then went back in to my comfort zone of bronzer and highlighter. The idea behind this blusher is to 'swirl and pop', so you use the shade around the edge to go upwards on your cheek bones and just lightly swirl your brush through the product, and the slightly brighter shade in the middle is the 'pop' to tap your brush gently onto the product and then onto the apples of your cheeks. I won't lie and say I use this often because blusher is still one that scares me but I am trying to brave it a little more! 

The Dolce Vita Look Box is on the high end side but I'm almost positive it works out cheaper to buy the set than if you were to purchase everything seperately. It's the perfect luxury present for any makeup lover and being able to pick a different look depending on makeup style I think is a great personal touch to a gift. 

I could talk forever about Charlotte Tilbury makeup but this post is quite long as it is, let me know your favourite CT product!

Thanks for reading x

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Changing Up Bath Time For Rosie.. Lush Products

Bath time is a favourite in our house. Every night around 6:30pm, Rosie and her ducks hit the bubbles for some much needed splash time. I’m always on the look out for new toys, colourful sponges and different things to keep bath time her favourite time of day.

When I found out Lush did a mini bath bomb called ‘Ickle Baby Bot’ I couldn’t not get it for her. I’ve always loved bath bombs from Lush so the fact that I could share this with Rosie was lovely. 

When I went to get the Baby Bot, I asked about other baby friendly bath bombs and was advised that any are fine for babies over six months as long as they don’t have any known allergies to any ingredients. So obviously I couldn’t just get her one! 

These are the ones I got, there’s the Ickle Baby Bot, The Baa Bar (I had to get this because it looks like Ewan the Dream Sheep and he’s still our fave at bedtime), the Butter Ball and A French Kiss.

The main elements of each bath bomb 
The Baa Bar - Lavender Oil
The Butter Ball - Cocoa Butter
Ickle Baby Bot - Lavender Oil
A French Kiss - Lavender, Rosemary and extra virgin Coconut Oil

The smaller bath bombs are cheaper than the standard size so I think for the four of them it came to about £13. I know it’s more expensive than your standard bubble bath but I thought it was a cute way to change up bath time every now and again (and stop Rosie from trying to climb out of the bath ha). All the ones I picked had elements of comfort and calming ingredients which I thought would be ideal for winding down before bed. Rosie used the Baby Bot this evening in the bath and loved watching it fizz! Although she doesn’t understand not to eat everything yet so I did have to distract her whilst it fizzled out. Her skin felt so silky after her bath and smelled incredible so I’ll definitely get that one again for her. 

I'm excited to try her with the others, let me know what your favourite Lush product is because I love trying new ones. 

Thanks for reading x 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Four Foundations For The Girl That Can't Decide..

I don't know about anyone else, but when it comes to makeup, I can never just stick to one product all the time. I do have my holy grail favourites, but I go through phases of changing what I use everyday. I've picked out four foundations that seem to be the main ones I go back to in a bid to find out which is my number one fave.

It Cosmetics CC Cream

This is one of those products that was so hyped up in the beauty world that I almost never bought it purely out of stubornness and not wanting to follow the latest craze. 3 months on from giving in and I've barely used anything else since. You can clearly see how well loved it is from the state of the packaging now ha! It feels like a moisturiser when you apply it because the texture is quite thick but really creamy. I love that it is anti- ageing and really hydrating on the skin, but it doesn't feel heavy at all. I usually use the Spectrum B01 brush but I've recently bought the Huda Beauty Buff/Blend brush so I'll be giving that a whirl this week. I would say the CC cream needs buffing in slightly more than some of my other foundations but it literally lasts me all day, even when Rosie is grabbing my face all the time. I would give this foundation a strong 9/10, it's a hard one to beat!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

This is my favourite 'throw it on quick while Rosie naps' foundation. It gives full coverage and lasts quite a long time with the right setting powder. I apply it with a brush and then blend it in with a damp Beauty Blender. The finish is lovely and for a tenner this foundation gives higher end brands a run for their money. I would definitely give this an 8/10 my only issue with it is I find it moves around on my skin if I don't set it well enough.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

My Mum got me this foundation for Christmas after I'd been going on about it for months. It's one of those foundations that I don't think I could justify having as my everyday one purely because it's expensive and I feel like I use quite a lot with each application. I've been trying to save it for days were I'm actually going somewhere nice and not just to the park etc. It's quite a runny consistency even for a liquid foundation, but the finish is full and airbrushed which I love. I would give this 8/10 but only because it seems to crease around my eyes after a few hours, making me look like I have wrinkly eyes which is never good ha.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

I originally only bought this because it was on sale on Asos for less than £5, but I ended up repurchasing because I really liked it. The coverage is medium- full depending on how much you apply but it's really easy to build up without it looking cakey. When I wear this I always moisturise my skin and prime it because I feel like it seperates on my skin if it's too dry. I would probably give this 7/10 for that reason but for the price of it I really can't complain!

This is my little army of bases, I will add that I absolutely love Nars Sheer Glow and Luminous Weightless but I've ran out of both. I did used to use Mac Studio Fix every single day but if I did have to choose I'd have to say my go-to now is always the It Cosmetics CC cream because it's just bloody delightful.

Let me know if you recommend trying any other foundations as you can see I'm always up for trying new ones!

Thanks for reading x

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

GUEST POST: Top Tips for Not Giving Up On Your Dreams

People often say your twenties is the time to figure out what you want to do with your life and where you're heading. A lot of people already have their careers planned out straight from university and know exactly what they want to do. But what if your dream career path seems really far away? Sometimes it can be disheartening when you don't know where to start to work towards your goal. I have teamed up with the CEO of Chroma Stationary Gabi Cox who has kindly written a post on her top tips for getting closer to and following your dreams. Over on Chroma Stationary, I have also interviewed Gabi to give an insight into the face behind the brand. Here is Gabi's post, enjoy!

Chasing your dreams

When I handed in my final major University project, four years ago, little did I know that the pile of sketchbooks, memory sticks & stationery samples would become a successful, profit turning brand and my full time job.

I launched Chroma Stationery in November 2014, five months after graduating and following a Kickstarter campaign to raise my initial funding. I founded the brand with 1,000 notebooks, my parents dining room and a lot of to do lists. Fast forward 3.5 years and Chroma has sold to individual website customers across 28 countries and in bulk to brands including American Airlines, Boots & Max Factor.

What started as a (stationery filled) dream has become a reality and although I still have so many plans a goals for the business, here are my top tips for making them happen and not giving up along the way.

-    Set goals
You have that dream in mind. It might be becoming self employed, gaining a promotion or being able to travel the world. To help keep you motivated you need to be able to visualise what you want to achieve. Set yourself realistic but challenging goals which will help get you there. It gives you something to aim for!

-    Break the goal down
If your dream or goal is a big one it can quickly become overwhelming or even a little bit scary. It feels like it’ll never happen or there’s far too much to do. One way to make this easier is to break the dream down into smaller, easier steps. Work out what you need to do to achieve your dream and the small steps you need to take to get there.
When I launched Chroma, running my own business and building a brand seemed huge; from the finances and marketing to product development and branding; my to do lists were never ending. By staying organised, biting off small chunks and setting realistic goals, I got through it all.

-    Things will go wrong
Things will go wrong. When you're looking to achieve a big goal or dream, the journey will not be plain sailing. You’ll have hiccups and setbacks along the way. The trick is not to let these get you down too much. Don't beat yourself up, learn from your mistakes & concentrate on the good stuff.

-    Celebrate the small victories
With things going wrong or set backs occurring it is so important to always celebrate those small victories. Personally, I write down five good things every day and three top highlights of my week, every week. It makes me reflect on the good, even if the week has been stressful or something has gone wrong. When your striving for one big dream, it can be easy to not see all the smaller great things that are happening every day or all the baby steps you're making towards that goal. Negativity is one of the biggest things that can trip you up, don't let it win!

-    Reward yourself
It is so important to give yourself a pat on the back when you’ve done well. If, like me, you primarily work alone or are self employed you often don’t have that boss or colleague to celebrate or cheer with. This means it’s vital to do it for yourself. Book in a massage, go out for dinner with friends or take some time off; do something to reward all of your hard work.

-    Believe in yourself
This is far easier said than done and is often the biggest hurdle but belief and your mind set when striving for your dreams is a huge factor that should never be underestimated. Believing in what you're looking to achieve and that you will be able to do it can make all the difference. You’ll meet people along the way who don’t understand what you do or why you want to do it, they might not believe you can reach that goal. This is where your self belief becomes crucial; prove them wrong, know you can and get on and do it. One of my favourite quotes of all time is, “Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right”.

These steps are just some of the ways you can ensure you don’t give up on that dream or goal. Everyone finds their own strategies or steps they take to help them achieve & make them a reality. “Believe you can and you're half way there.”


Chroma Stationery creates colour loving branded and personalised stationery for individuals and brands that truly represents the personality of the person or business. Each product can be completely customised, whether thats a favourite quote, a set of initials, a logo or graphic image, each product we create is totally unique. With 20 colours & multiple ranges to choose from we give our customers the ability to create their dream piece of stationery. From one to 1000+ units, each product can be totally personalised.
For more information head to


Sunday, 11 March 2018


I wasn’t actually going to post this because it’s basically a just an outpour of emotions that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. The realisation that my baby wasn’t newborn anymore hit me in a way I really wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t overly sad or overly happy, I just felt emotions that took me right back to the uncontrollable pregnancy hormones I had. Half of me felt proud to have gotten this far, the other half devastated that our first year was over. I don’t know if this is normal with your first child or if I’m just an emotional wreck. I’m gonna guess the second is most likely. 

*About two weeks ago*

 I’m literally writing this post with tears streaming down my face. One year ago from today (19th February) my waters broke at home. Fast forward 2 baths, 36 hours of pain and an emergency C section later, we welcomed Rosie into the world. 

Nothing and nobody could have prepared me for the year I have had. If I’m being honest, before I went into labour I asked Connor how I could ever love anything more than I love Kobes (our dog). He laughed and said he had no idea. 

Then Rosie came along. She didn’t have the easiest of starts with what seemed like every inconvenience possible (colic, silent reflux, thrush, constipation, a shallow hip) yet she was still the happiest little soul and powered through it all with a smile on her face. She opened up a space in my heart that I never knew I had until I became her Mum. The most overwhelming release of emotions that words can’t even describe. Suddenly everything my Mum has done for me made sense. The constant worry, guilt, overprotectiveness and always having my best interest at heart, for me that is Motherhood and I was finally understanding it.

Those feelings have only grown stronger each day and the love and bond I share with Rosie is like nothing I have ever felt before. Thanks to Connor, I’ve been lucky enough to spend almost every day of the last twelve months with her by my side. We’ve laughed together and cried together. She’s taught me that no matter how exhausted, sore, or emotional I feel, I can still paint on a huge smile with ease when I see her beautiful brown eyes looking up at me every morning. She sees me with no makeup on, dark circles, unwashed hair, and she still lights up whenever I catch her eye. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

Thanks for reading x 

For Rosie;

So here we are, Day 383 of the rest of your life. I hope you continue to grow into the most inquisitive, intelligent and beautiful little girl. Regardless of this primarily being a beauty blog, I promise to try my best to teach you the importance of inner beauty, self-worth, and a good heart. You will grow up in an online world so I will guide you the best I can and encourage you not to compare yourself to others, but to focus on you and what makes you happy. I hope your curiosity takes you on the greatest adventures, and I hope I can hold your hand along the way. 

Ps - Please let me coordinate our outfits forever. 


Thursday, 8 March 2018

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette - Giveaway! *closed*

I actually cannot believe I’ve had my blog for 3 years! When I first started in 2015 I had no idea what I was doing and kept it a complete secret from everyone except my sister and Connor. I was so scared of what people would think and if anyone would even read it. I hate being centre of attention so for me to put something out there on the internet for everyone to see was a really big thing for me.

I always panicked thinking people would think things like, ‘She’s not a makeup artist so what does she know’ or words to that effect. Which is completely true and I’ve never claimed to be, I just love makeup and skin care and I’m genuinely interested in it. For me, it goes further than how the makeup looks once it’s applied. I love the whole experience of buying makeup, I love trying new things for staying powder/ smudging etc, and I also love to look at the ingredients of skincare products to see what’s working for me and what’s not. Yes I know I’m such a geek ha! I love looking after my skin and hair with different products and I’m always on the look out for new things to add to my collection.

When I started my blog I loved the idea that I could write whatever I wanted, publish it to my little space on the internet, and try to take cute pictures to accompany it. 

I’ve had so much support for my blog over the years, and it’s amazing how many people stuck with me even when I barely made an appearance whilst having Rosie! 

So to say thank you to everyone who reads, likes, comments and shares anything to do with my blog, I thought I’d do a little giveaway. 

Everyone loves a highlighter, don’t they? 

This is the Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette and it is stunning! I’ve been dying to swatch this but have resisted for the sake of giving it away! Ill leave all entry details below.. 


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CLOSES 28/3/18

Good luck and thanks for reading! X

Friday, 2 March 2018

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara: Review

There was so much hype about Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara on Instagram about 2 weeks ago, with Benefit flying bloggers and influencers off to luxury villas in the Maldives (that’s the dream right there) all in the name of revealing their newest product. Extravagant, or tactical marketing? I'm going with the latter. 


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Alabama’s All American Eatery

Seeing as it’s Pancake Day, I thought it was only fair I share this post today seeing as they make my unicorn pancakes that Rosie and I had look crap in comparison. If you haven’t met already, let me introduce you to Alabama’s American Eatery...

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand: Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me banging on about this Charlotte Tilbury highlighter, the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand, about a week ago on my story. I wanted to write about it in more detail on here because I had a few messages asking if it was actually as good as I was claiming it to be.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My Streamlined Everyday Makeup

I think my last beauty favourites post was over a year ago, so I thought I'd do an update on products I'm loving at the moment. 


Sunday, 7 January 2018

The busy girls' quick fix for fresh looking skin

If like me, you don't always have the time to do the full cleanse, tone, moisturise steps of a skin care routine every morning and night, or sometimes you just really can't be arsed, then this may be something to try. 
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